" i Am " This Day And Hour Binding You Up

Evil Spirits & All Evil People

Of Evil Work's Hidden In Plain Sight Around The World This Hour Forward By The Powers Given Me In Jesus Mighty Name+++


" i " Now Cast You Down Out Of My Life, And The Lives Of My Holy Brothers & Sisters Around The World Who You,

Satan, And Evil Person's

Seek To

Fool, Trick, Mislead, Or Destroy

With Offers Of Worldly Thing's In Exchange For Their Souls+++


" i " Command You


All Evil Spirits+++

 All Evil People+++

Who Love Darkness & Sin

To Return To Your Pits, And Darkness From Witch You Have Came With Fear Of The Lords Voice, Powers, Chosen, & Sheep+++


" i " Cammand You To Return To Your Darkness, Or Dark Places This Very Hour+++

" i " Bind Up, Cast You Down, And Banish You EVIL Spirits & All Evil People To Forever Darkness Right Now To Remain There Bound With Chains That " i " Place On You This Day & Hour Right Now+++

All Evil Spirts


All Evil People

Of The Evil Flesh

Who Walk This Earth Everyday " i " Turn You And Your Hidden Location's Over To The Hands Of The Lord Who Knows Where To Find You All In Flesh Or Spirit  +++


This Day It Is Written To Come To Pass For All Of My Fathers People Of Good Will & Works, With Helping Hand's And Mighty Powers Of

 " OUR "

Father God In Heaven

Jesus Christ

The Holy Spirit


All The

Holy Angels Of Light

Who " i " Request Right Now To Take Hold Of You Evil Spirits And People Of The Evil Eye Right Now+++

" i " Ask You Father To Blind Their Evil Eye, Evil Mouth, & Ears Of The Evil Flesh That Willingly Give Control To Satan & Evil Spirits While Here On This Earth For All Of The Days Of Their Evil Lives To The Never End Of Darkness They Must Return To Right Now In Jesus Mighty Name+++


Now Go Evil Spirits And Evil People.

" i "

Command You Into The Hand Of The Holy Angels Of God

Who Will Return You Back To Your Dark Prisons From Witch You Have Came From This Day And Hour In The Holy Name And Blood Of Jesus Christ+++


It Is Written+++

So Be It, It Is Done+++

Thank You Father For The Love Of Your People Who Seek And Serve You Faithfully Everyday. In Your Hands We Will Gladly Remain Until You Call Us Home. Our Real Home In Your Heavens Above  :)

 Amen +++