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IT'S WHAT WAS DONE TO THE STONE FOR IT TO HOLD SUCH POWERS AS IT DOES! These Stones Have Been Blessed With The Power's Given To Me In Christ Jesus Name To Block Any Evil's From People, Or Unseen Dark Spirit's. The Angel's That Answer To The Owner Of The Stone Will Grant You Wishes, Desires, Request, Of Whatever It Is You Want Or Need Help With Everyday.I Will Show You How To Use The Stone And Contact The Angel's. IMPORTANT! DO NOT LET ANYONE TOUCH YOUR STONE BUT YOU! A EVIL SPIRITED PERSON CAN CAUSE A DEACTIVATION.This Stone May Look All The Rest But, I Assure You! It's Going To WOW YOU! The Angel's Will Also Teach You How To Use The Power's You Were Given At Your Birth In Christ Jesus Name!Questions,Contact:| |Need A Blessing Over The Phone? Text Me At:619-856-6709 | God Bless You +++ PEOPLE HAVE THE POWER TO TALK! BUT DO THEY HAVE THE TO DO????!

Delivery: 1-3 business days in Ca.
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God In Jesus Name Has Given Us Power's To Power People & Item's We See In Front Of Us Everyday. It's Not TV... These Power's & Angels Of The LORD In Heaven Are Real As Yourself In The Mirror! Use The Stones Wisely.